Turn heads with a powerful LED display

Whether you’re attending an exhibition or simply want to make sure you get seen in your usual location, an LED display can have a huge impact. Turning heads for all the right reasons, an LED display is bright, eye-catching and impossible to ignore.

You’ll need to carefully consider the LED display power solution if you are looking to build your own, especially if you will be installing it outdoors.

Types of LED displays

There are many ways to create a display using LEDs but you’ll need an efficient power source to get a bright, stable and reliable result. Before you choose a LED display power solution, it’s worth considering how and where you’ll be using the display.

For LED displays that will be used inside, you won’t need to worry about being exposed to the elements but there will be other considerations that take priority. An LED display that is more accessible to the user, such as a lightbox in the reception of a cinema will need to have clean lines and possibly consider a low profile power supply to avoid shadowing, which will be a major deterrent so look for products like our display driver offering.

Fine pitch LED displays are becoming more prominent in a wide array of indoor applications, their ability to deliver true to life high pixel colour displays for close proximity viewing in a lightweight format makes them ideal for broadcast, corporate and video conference environments. Their high reliability and advanced features not only increase the working life of your LED display but also it's capabilities, often calling for a LED display power solution that offers redundant or current-sharing functions.

Moving outside, you’ll need an LED display which can withstand the elements so it will need to be robust. A high IP rated LED display power solution is, therefore, an essential. Where the display may be installed in an environment susceptible to vibration, such as transport links, we would also recommend 5G vibration resistance.

Other factors you’ll need to consider for both indoor and outdoor operation is the angle of visibility and the size of the display. You can choose larger LED designs that offer a wider viewing angle and a performance that is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention but will also need the power to back it up.

For those times when you want an LED display for a short term only, a rental might be a preferable option. Rental LED designs are lightweight and slim, making them easy to install for a limited time; in these instances, your LED display power solution needs to be robust and reliable.

Understanding safety

If you’re building a LED display, safety will understandably be a concern so it’s important to choose a product that you know you can trust.

Sunpower Electronics have been sourcing and supplying quality supplies for more than two decades and guarantee to deliver products that you can rely on.

All of the supplies we stock from MEAN WELL have been certified to the highest safety standards, including those at international level. The single and dual output power supplies comply with the following:

  • UL
  • CUL
  • TUV
  • CCC
  • CB
  • CE

Whether your power for LED displays is required for small indoor or an outdoor moving sign, you can source your solution from Sunpower Electronics with complete confidence.

The benefits of choosing us for your LED display power solution

There are many benefits to choosing us to source your LED display power solution, including:

  • Slimline designs for smaller displays
  • Fan-less designs for silent indoor operation
  • Save up to 89% on energy during use
  • Smart design to improve heat dissipation and resist moisture
  • Wide range of products available with various levels of safety compliance.

Whether you use a MEAN WELL product or one of our other power solutions you can buy with complete confidence that you are purchasing a quality, safe piece of equipment, suited to your application, that will really last.

LED Display Power Solutions


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