CCTV & Security Power Supplies

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Sunpower’s range of CCTV and security power supplies start from 35W and are available up to and including 155W. Created with access control and security in-mind, the CCTV power supplies come with a built-in EMI filter for reduced interference, soft start circuit and an AC surge limiter; the latter of which reduces the risk of AC tripping. All these features come as standard and are all highly important in these premium applications. Our CCTV and security power supplies also come with safety features like short circuit, over voltage and over load protections. Optional features are available for UPS versions, including a battery with low protection and alarm signals.

Our range of CCTV and security power supplies can also come with multichannel, individually fused DC outputs – which ensure clearer video images for connected cameras – UPS/battery backup and functionality measurers in order to distribute power to other surveillance systems. All of these features are readily available for use in a number of applications.

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