Plugtop Power Supply

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Sunpower’s range of plugtop power supplies range from 10W to 30W and provide a diverse range of domestic and commercial electrical purposes. These can be used for audio and visual equipment, security systems, broadcasting, telecommunications, IT equipment, retail and POS devices as well as numerous other pieces of equipment, such is their diversity.

Available as regulated linear, unregulated linear or switched mode, products will also come with a variety of features including AC/AC or AC/DC mains power, selectable voltage, single fixed voltage or other variable outputs from 3.3V to 48V. Providing flexibility for when you need it most.

This range of plugtop power supplies is also able to come with interchangeable AC plugs, meaning that one power supply can be used appropriately while travelling. You’ll also find standard protection measures against causes such as over voltage, short circuit and over load. Some supplies also come with auto recovery protection, LED power on indicator and durable casing, providing you with a product that is the best in its category.

Sunpower’s wealth of experience and technical knowledge means that we’re able to design custom plugtop power supplies that can suit any number of special requirements or needs that you might have. If you need something that’s out of the norm, then make sure to give us a call, in order to discuss your specifications further.

You can also ask us any questions on existing products that Sunpower offers on 0118 9823746.