About Us

At Sunpower Electronics Ltd we are proud of what we do and how we do it. This section of the site is designed to give you an insight in to how we do what we do here at Sunpower, our latest news and a how we add value to our customers and the wider power supply industry.
Design Capabilities

Our Processes

At Sunpower we understand that it is not just what the power supply is capable of but also what we as the supplier are capable of that customers are interested in when sourcing and developing a power supply.

This section will be updated on a regular basis with details of our electronic design capabilities, product design experience and the customer support services available to you.

How We Add Value

Sunpower is committed to delivering a new age of efficient, cost effective, greener and more innovative products and services.  We add instant value by not just selling you a part code but working to understand your requirements , suggesting products with a more suitable specification or a more cost effective solution. We also add value in other ways such as custom metalwork, white label service, modified power supplies and most importantly, support!

About Sunpower Electronics Ltd


Sunpower are ideally placed in Berkshire along the transport corridor for major London airports and southern ports. We are only 8 miles from the M4 and 11 miles from the M3. Enabling us to ensure efficient, cost effective and timely transportation from our factories, into our warehouses and onto our customer base.

Sunpower News

At Sunpower Electronics Ltd we are often bringing out new products and services. Have a look through our Sunpower News section to see what we have been up to and what we can do for you.

The UK’s First Meanwell Distributors

Sunpower Electronics Ltd is the longest established Authorised Distributor for Mean Well Enterprises in the UK and Ireland, providing customers with cost-effective and direct access to their vast range of dependable and high-quality power supplies.