The Power Behind The Sound

As audio equipment designers and manufacturers, you seek a competitive edge over others in the market place, whilst also ensuring your audio equipment continuously deliver premium sound fidelity, whether it is an amplifier, mixing or recording console, active loudspeaker or more specialised item of equipment.  Often required to be mobile and subjected to harsh environments and always subjected to compliance queries ensuring you select the most appropriate power supply for your audio application is vital to your success.

Power Supplies For Audio Applications

As of June 20 2019, all internal components for audio equipment will need to be compliant to 62368-1 (Safety Requirements for Audio/Video, Information and Communications Technology Equipment) for the audio product itself to be compliant. This new standard is not a simple merger of the two existing, somewhat overlapping standards but a shift to the new hazards-based safety concept. Full details on this are available within our audio report.

Sound fidelity can be deeply affected by the behaviour of whatever power supply is used to drive the audio electronics; that is why we like to get a better understanding of your application to see how frequency, harmonics, vibration, even the change in demand of output voltage and current and other transients may affect.

Sunpower Electronics has long experience in designing and supplying power supplies for audio applications; we work with our audio customers not only with the electrical specifications required to effectively power their latest project but also to focus on the issues around the changing legislation, together with the other factors critical to audio fidelity and operational reliability. This helps designers use our experience to save time and remove uncertainty in their power supply selection, freeing them to grow their products’ value through their own core expertise.



Any audio equipment intended for a life on the road needs to be designed to cope with a barrage of factors; our harsh environment power supplies have been designed to provide ingress protection, protection from high levels of shock and vibration, be of fanless operation and capable of operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures.


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Power Supplies for Audio Applications

19" Rack Mount Power

Our 1U low profile 19” racks all have hot swap facility allowing users to replace modules as their system requirements change, whilst the modular format also accommodates redundancy operation. Interface protocols include I2C monitoring & control and PMBus serial communication. With active current sharing on all models, a max system power of 24kW can be achieved with multiple racks.

Open Frame Power
RPS-400 Series 400W Industrial Open Frame Power Supplies
RPS-400 Series 400W Industrial Open Frame Power Supplies

Available from 5W to 400W and ranging from 3.3VDC to 48VDC our open frame power supply range also includes PCB mount and green mode versions. Choice of single, dual, triple and quad outputs with 12V Aux options also.

Modular Power

Modular Power Supplies35 different output modules ranging from 75W to 300W for a single output and 100W for dual output. Systems can be configured to offer a wide range of different voltage rails ranging from 1.6VDC~53VDC. This allows for easy configuration of a solution for a vast array of desired output requirements.

Ruggedised/Harsh Environment Power

Conforming to high temperature and shock & vibration specifications. These power supplies allow for a multitude of differing applications, particularly in harsh or demanding environments.

Dual Redundant Power

SPR-2321 - 320+320W 2U ATX PFC Mini Redundant Hot SwapHot Swappable, Dual Redundant power supply systems which allow for continuous operation in mission-critical environments.