Do you need industrial system power?

If you’re in need of high-performance power systems that won’t let you down when it matters, come to Sunpower UK and browse through our extensive collection of power management products.

We offer a range of MeanWell power supply items which are capable of delivering outstanding power to every industry, offering reliability and strong performance just where you need it.

High-power solutions for industry

Sunpower UK offer a collection of high-performance power management solutions which deliver a high-end power supply suitable for use in a variety of industries.

We have a range of different power options which are suitable for large applications, as well as smaller scale uses including charging electrical cars.

MeanWell are constantly working on delivering new power supply products but you’ll find an extensive range of solutions already in stock. With power supplies stretching from 12.8 kW to 64 kW and with even higher power systems of up to 150kW planned, the extent of the MeanWell range is impressive.

Some of the applications for the high-end power supplies include:

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Fishing lights
  • Horticultural lighting
  • UV curing equipment
  • Communication devices
  • Industrial lighting
  • Laser diode equipment
  • IT environments
  • Plus many more!

If you have a need for high-performance power, our range of power supplies from MeanWell could deliver the efficient solution you’re looking for - without the need for bespoke design or tooling.

High-power solutions for industry

Safety should always be a consideration for every power supply but when used in a high-power application, it’s a critical factor.

All of the MeanWell high-performance power supplies we offer adhere to the highest standards of safety, including UL, CUL, TUV international regulations. The power supplies also hold FCC and CE electromagnetic certification.

What this means in practical terms is that you won’t need to wait for long periods to have your power supplies tested and certified. This saves a lot of time, as well as considerable expenditure on certification costs.

High-power solutions for industry

MeanWell has over three decades of experience in delivering high-end power supplies for use in industry and they’re a name you can trust.

If you need help or advice with technical specifications, our highly-skilled team can provide guidance on the right MeanWell power supply to meet your needs.

Our range of industrial system power supplies allows you to purchase what you need without having to resort to creating a bespoke solution. This means you can take your product to market quickly, providing a real competitive edge.

Whether you need our largest industrial power supplies or those on a smaller scale, you can trust MeanWell products to deliver reliable quality each and every time. High-end performance at the best possible price; we support industry by offering the products you really need.


Bespoke power supply design can be a tough, complicated business.

We ensure that all of our power supply products are are safe and reliable.

We have been providing power supplies into a wide and varying array of market sectors and applications for over 13 years.

Value Added Services

Custom Power Supply Metalwork

With our partners we utilise computer aided design in AutoCAD or PRO E, create 3D Simulations of your product and produce sheet metal fabrications and enclosures in mild steel, stainless, aluminium and zintec. Metalwork finises include zinc plated covers with colour passivate finish, powder coating, electroplating, anodising and other corrosion protection finishes.

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Listen to your team

Sunpower can offer additional services when you purchase power supplies from us, from company branding and packaging to bar coding to help reduce time to market and handling. We have the ability to design your company branded product or packing labels in house, for your approval, so you can resell under your own brand with ease.

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Modified Power Supplies

The majority of our standard power supplies have the capacity for small modifications or even more advanced changes or additions through our value added service. Where ever possible we will suggest an off the shelf solution, propose modifications to a product or guide you every step of the way in the design of a fully custom product. We offer power supply modification and modular power supply solutions to assist customers in front end power supply sourcing.

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Our technical support extends beyond the point of purchase; we make ourselves available to customers throughout the life of their product!

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