Sunpower Electronics, a leading industrial power supply specialist, have introduced a range of four OBC DC/DC converters that provide high efficiency of up to 97% and a wide input voltage range up to 750vdc; ideally suited for On-Board EV Vehicle Power.


Electric vehicles have gained popularity due to their environmentally friendly benefits which increases the technical requirements for on-board charging. With interior space being limited, on-board chargers need to provide high efficiency and heat dissipation and the DC/DC converter is the core part of On-Board EV vehicle power and charging.


Sunpower Electronics newest OBC High Efficiency Series DC/DC converters are specifically designed to provide a reduced voltage supply for charging auxiliary battery systems in electric vehicles, and other battery powered applications, where there is a need for a regulated 12vdc or 24 vdc.


With input voltage options of up to 540vdc and output voltages of 14vdc or 28vdc, Sunpower Electronics new range of safe and reliable on-board DC/DC converters provide an advanced solution to battery control, charge current and external interface applications.



For more information, or to discuss your On-Board EV Vehicle Power requirements, please contact a member of our expert team.