Modular Power Supplies

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Available in 450W, 650W and 1000W, Sunpower’s modular power supplies come with a choice of 35 different output modules ranging from 75W to 300W for single output and 100W for dual output.

Sunpower’s modular power supplies are used for a wide range of general electrical purposes, including RAID controls for servers, semiconductor fabrication equipment, industrial plotters, hard-disk burn-in machines and process controls. With millions of different potential output configurations, Sunpower modular power supplies support up to 14 isolated outputs, a suitable product for all types of specialist applications capable of providing full output wattage even at 100VAC input.

Our modular power supplies also come with a number of features as standard, such as containing a global ON/OFF control, fan alarm function, universal input voltage, advanced ZVS technology, forced air cooling, remote sensors on output modules and 12V/0.1A auxiliary output. With all these features, you can be sure that Sunpower’s range of modular power supplies are highly efficient and are built to a high level of finish.

In addition to this, the 300W Sunpower modules also come with an in-built active current sharing which allows up to three units to be paralleled (2+1).

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