MPS-200 Series are 200W PCB type switching power supplies with active PFC function. Complying with both medical and industrial agency standards these units can deliver their full rated output of 200W with 25CFM forced are or 140W with convection cooling for either medical or industrial applications. Featuring only 180uA of leakage current at 264VAC, they can be equipped into non-patient contact medical equipment and still comply with Class B EMI regulations. Standard functions include short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protections, PG/PF signal output, remote sense and remote ON/OFF control that cover most of the demands for typicall usages. Since the height is only 35.5mm the MPS-200 series are also suitable for 1U applications or other height constraint applications.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 15V
Current (amps) 13A
Power (watts) 200W
R&N (mV) 100mV
Efficiency (%) 85%
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