LPL-18 Series is a constant voltage AC/DC switcher targeting economical lighting and high dust/moisture applications in USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan etc. Of non PFC design, high efficiency up to 84% and operating temperatures between -30°C ~ +70°C LPL-18 also has an internal shock absorber to withstand vibration as well as standard features like short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protections.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 24V
Current (amps) 1A
Power (watts) 18W
R&N (mV) 150mV
Efficiency (%) 83%

Products in this Range

Part number Power (watts) Voltage (max/rated) Current (amps) R&N (mV) Efficiency (%)
LPL-18-12 18W 12V 2A 120mV 80% Request Quote
LPL-18-24 18W 24V 1A 150mV 83% Request Quote
LPL-18-36 18W 36V 1A 200mV 84% Request Quote