A highly efficient and reliable quad output enclosed power supply, with a high operating temperature of -25~+70°C and cooling by free air convection. Built to withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds and 5G vibration. Overload, short circuit and over voltage protection with hiccup mode(recovering automatically after fault condition is removed).

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Manufacturer MEAN WELL
Outputs Quad
Type AC/DC, Enclosed
Range Power
Current (amps) 1A, 5A
Efficiency (%) 74%
Power (watts) 46W
R&N (mV) 100mV, 120mV, 80mV
Voltage (max/rated) 12VDC, 5VDC

Products in this Range

Part number Power (watts) Voltage (max/rated) Current (amps) R&N (mV) Efficiency (%)
RQ-50B 46W 12VDC 1A 100mV 74% Request Quote
RQ-50C 50W 15VDC 1A 100mV 75% Request Quote
RQ-50D 53W 12VDC 1A 120mV 79% Request Quote