TS-700 Series are high performance DC/AC power inverters released to cover lower wattage applications. Uising high frequency circuit topology this true sine wave inverter has efficiency up to 91%. Capabile of providing 700W continously as well as a peak load of 800W for 3 minutes, 1050W for 10 seconds or 1400W surge power for 30 utility cycles. The output AC voltage and frequency of TS-700 can be easily adjusted via the front panel, as can the standby saving mode function. TS-700 is suitable for powering all kinds of home appliances, power tools, and office & portable equipment in vehicles, yachts, mobile homes or places that the utility can’t be reached or the power quality is poor.

Additional information

Weight 4.3 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 230V
Power (watts) 700W
Efficiency (%) 89%
  • N90AAN90AA
  • S600-212E3-UKS600-212E3-UK

Products in this Range

Part number Power (watts) Voltage (max/rated) Efficiency (%)
TS-700-212D 700W 230V 89% Request Quote
TS-700-224D 700W 230V 90% Request Quote
TS-700-248D 700W 230V 91% Request Quote