The HLG-80H-CA Series is an 90W constant voltage LED power supply with a wide input range of 90~305VAC and built-in two stage active PFC function. Possessing up to 92% of high efficiency the HLG-80H-CA series is cooled by free air convection allowing an operating temperature of -40~+70°C. Suitable for LED lighting fixtures requiring a high voltage rating to connect numerous LEDs in one strip and offering dimming options of “3-in-1 dimming” and “timer dimming function”.

Additional information

Current (amps) 1A
Power (watts) 90
Efficiency (%) 92%
  • HLG-80H-C700AHLG-80H-C700A

Products in this Range

Part number Power (watts) Current (amps) Efficiency (%)
HLG-80H-C350A 90 0 92% Request Quote
HLG-80H-C700A 90 1A 92% Request Quote