GSM90B is a highly reliable, 90W single output green mode medical adaptor series. This product is equipped with 2 pin (no FG) IEC320-C8 AC power plug, with input range from 80Vac to 264Vac. The series offers a range of output voltages between 12Vdc and 48Vdc to satisfy the demands of various medical electrical devices. The circuitry meets international medical standards for 2xMOPP, having an <100uA ultra low leakage current. With efficiency up to 91% and 0.15W no load power consumption GSM90B Series observes the latest Level V energy regulation saving energy whilst operating or in standby mode.

Samples available May 2014

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 19
Current (amps) 5
Power (watts) 90
R&N (mV) 180
Efficiency (%) 89%
  • GSM90B19GSM90B19