The latest update from Sunpower Electronics addressing: Sales focus in the Digital Age Globalisation Life Sustainability The Communication Revolution Continues What does the future hold for Sunpower Electronics? Powering audio applications Career opportunities Introduction: “While the recent past has presented some difficult obstacles for Sunpower Electronics – and business as a whole for that matter – to navigate, we have seen continued and steady growth in a dynamic environment with some quite drastic extremes at times. Our success has been testament to our core values and the dedication and determination of our personnel. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the interesting challenges that are shaping our growth and development” Read more – view / download PDF here

Are you new to understanding IOT and smart technologies? We have put together an easy to read document explaining the advantages for users and the industry. You will find how IOT effects our customers and brings new considerations for future power supply solutions. Topics covered: Innovative legislation and new opportunities Power supplies Efficiency, productivity and built-in intelligence A new breed of legislation The lighting industry Smart lighting systems Automatic illumination during dark periods also increases user safety Other lighting industry opportunities Conclusion Power supplies for audio applications

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An industrial power supply may be built into a machine on a factory floor, as the name implies. Equally though, the term is used to specify products intended for a myriad of other markets; CCTV, lighting, battery chargers, medical equipment, marine, EPOS, servers and PCs are just some examples. While widely diverse, these applications share a common need for products that are resilient to the environments they will face, while providing a reliable and cost-effective solution.

On Monday 18th September we attended Plasa show at London’s Olympia as we do every year, an essential date in the Sunpower Electronics calendar. It was fantastic to see some friendly faces and meet audio and lighting customers all in one place. A full day of on stand meetings saw us witness some of our latest product debut in new product (first seen by the industry at this years show). Meeting customers at industry exhibitions like Plasa, often leads to questions being raised on product development and meeting new tech specification upgrades. We are sure you would agree that Plasa is an exciting time of year for the business, especially when reporting back to R&D with customer demand and focus. On that note we look forward to updating you on new technology in the forthcoming months.

An industry report covering: 62368-1 | Peak Power | Ruggedisation | Redundancy | Efficiency | Quality “Powering audio’s ‘must-haves’: compliance, fidelity and resilience” Your audio equipment must continuously deliver premium sound fidelity, often in harsh environments and always with compliance to latest and emerging legislation. Find out how the right power supply can help you meet these critical demands. Download now via: http://poweringaudio.com

The rapidly expanding medical equipment market offers significant opportunities, but also creates challenges for power supply builders and users alike. The trend towards home care equipment increases not only the opportunities but also the challenges. These arise from the complexity of modern legislation and the shift of responsibility towards medical power supply market manufacturers to rigorously assess the compliance of their own products. In this article we look at the current situation and review the legislation now in place in Europe and North America. We see how the standards required depend very much on the level of patient contact, and how applied parts as well as power supplies must be taken into consideration. Some practical solutions for different compliance levels and applications are also offered. The global market for medical power supplies is rapidly expanding. According to a MarketsandMarkets report ‘Medical Power Supply Market by Technology’, the sector was estimated…

.A KNX power supply ensures smooth operation in modern intelligent buildings where KNX systems are installed. Systems may be simple, with just a few devices, or complex systems with hundreds of devices throughout a building. Intelligent Building Control The demand for versatility and comfort has driven the need for intelligent building control. KNX systems were developed to reduce design and installation times by removing the need for complicated wiring. As a result also reducing the high risk of fire present due to the previous density of cables. This new installation creates uni-communication between any controller, sensor and actuator, using a two wire bus routed transmission of signals between devices which are installed in parallel to the mains wiring. Intelligent building control applications can include heating/ventilation and air conditioning control, shutter/blind control, alarm monitoring, energy management, security system control, automation and remote access control. KNX Power Supply Whether you are looking…