We work with several industries in the realms of CCTV and Security, to deliver intelligent power solutions, not just for offices and warehouses but also domestic and retail.


Whether to deter the opportunistic thief or to make residents to the building feel safe, Sunpower understands the complexities behind ensuring that buildings are safe and secure with CCTV. Not only are CCTV cameras monitoring what is going on but they’re integrated with other systems, uploading and downloading data, linking with other systems such as emergency systems and control rooms.

Easy Access

The power supplies that are offered by Sunpower range in their size and capabilities to fit the requirements of where they are being installed and for what purpose. Whether you need to power an individual or multiple cameras, with or without sound, the correct power supply is needed to make sure everything works properly at all times.

To help ensure longevity and maintenance of Sunpower products, they are designed and made in a way which means the parts are replaceable and accessible by service contractors.

As camera’s need to be mounted in different types of locations, they differ in size, as do the supplies that Sunpower offer. Rack mounts, ‘boxed PSUs’, surface mounts and adapter PSU’s are available.

Safety First

In the event of an emergency, or power failure, cameras will still need to be operational to monitor the building. Sunpower can supply PSUs that also have battery charging capabilities that will keep systems operational for a minimum of 3 hours.

Sunpower adhere to the European safety regulations set. For this type of application, the PSU standard is EN60950. If a camera is being designed for use outdoors, Sunpower offer IP rated parts that are suitable for use outside in harsh environments, protect against water and foreign body ingress.