Door Entry is another important part of security with many buildings not granting public access to areas.

Lock Down

Providing secure access from small offices to blocks of offices and flats, Sunpower understands the complexities behind ensuring that buildings are safe, secure and have the correct safety rating for it’s type of use.

Easy Access

The power supplies that are offered by Sunpower range from 35W to 160W to fit the requirements of where they are being installed and for what purpose. Whether you need to power a single door, multiple doors, intercom systems or video systems, the correct power supply is needed to make sure everything works properly at all times.

Sunpower’s power supplies are compatible with many kinds of door access types, including remote access, key fob access, card entry, code entry and emergency systems. Further customise your power supply with AC OK, DC OK and batter low signals.


Safety First

In the event of an emergency, or power failure, doors will still need to be operational, either to let the emergency services in, or keep potential thieves out. Sunpower can supply drivers that also charge a battery that will keep doors operational for a minimum of 3 hours (40ah) into either scenario.

Sunpower adhere to the European safety regulations along with TUV and UL. For this type of application, the PSU standard is EN54-4, but they are also available with EN60335 & EACTPTC 004 approvals. If an entry system is being designed for use outdoors, Sunpower offer IP rated parts that are suitable for use outside in harsh environments, protect against water and foreign body ingress.