TS-200 Series are high performance DC/AC power inverters released to cover lower wattage applications. Using high frequency circuit topology this true sine wave inverter has efficiency up to 88%. Capabile of providing 200W continously as well as a peak load of 230W for 180 seconds, 300W for 10 seconds or 400W surge power for 30 utility cycles. The output AC voltage and frequency of TS-200 can be easily adjusted via the front panel. TS-200 is suitable for powering all kinds of home appliances, power tools, and office & portable equipment in vehicles, yachts, mobile homes or places that the utility can’t be reached or the power quality is poor.

Samples available Q4 2009
Safety Aprovals Q4 2009

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 110V
Power (watts) 200W
Efficiency (%) 88%