KAA-4R4V series is a 4 channel, KNX LED actuator/dimmer with high quality independent latching relay. Suitable for all MEAN WELL trademarked LED drivers, the KAA-4R4V series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including building automation and lighting.

  • Dimming and switching LED driver
  • Conventional electronic ballast
  • LED indicator for each channel
  • Linear or logarithmic dimming curve programmable via ETS software
  • Manual control via push button on panel
  • Programmable time and scene function
  • 3 years warranty
The KAA-4R4V series dimming actuator is a 4 channel device, with high quality latching relay to power on and off, suitable for all MEAN WELL LED Drivers.

The product specification indicates the maximum number of recommended LED drivers per channel, making building planning easier and convenient for our customers.

Based on the existing KNX architecture, KNX system engineers are able to programme through the ETS system when required. This can be during planning, use or manually through the physical buttons on the panel.

The KAA-4R4V series is independently configured with a green LED on each channel to indicate the status of the switch.

The compact design with 4 units (72mm) makes it suitable for installation on 35mm mounting rails. In addition to the basic switch function, a DC 0(1)-10V signal is optional to perform the dimming on the connected driver at each channel.

Additionally, the dimming curve can be adjusted to linear or logarithmic mode to enhance the customers visual dimming experience. It can also be used with smart building motion sensors in order to save energy.

The dimmer is also powered via EIB/KNX and therefore does not require an additional power supply. As a result, the KAA-4R4V series is a reliable, multi functional device which adheres to various smart building needs.


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  • Building automation
  • Lighting switch/dimming control